Silent Meadow’s Testimonials

If you are searching for a day retreat center close to Durango, this is the
place for you. If you are looking for a quiet Spirit filled private chapel to sit
in the Presence, it is waiting for you. If you are longing to meet others on the Christian walk you will find them here.

I have had the blessings of attending a number of day retreats at Silent Meadows. After the very first one, I knew I’d be returning. Each time I arrive I have an immediate sense of peace and ease. The open grassy fields send the eye toward the mountain peaks. Colorful flowers reflect in the soothing water and the trilling sound mixes with bird song. Then the welcoming smile of Mary Ann and Terry Maslak give me a feeling of settling and grounding.

Mary Ann and the others who present at Silent Meadows share their teachings in open, heartfelt and casual ways. The small group setting is conducive to comfortable sharing. Time built in the day for personal reflection as well as delving into thought provoking questions and handouts to take along make for a deep and fulfilling experience.

And, speaking of fulfilling, the delicious and healthy home-made offerings at breakfast and lunch are such wonderful meals. Silent Meadows offers a well-stocked Christian Bookstore with excellent selections and gifts.

As we look for ways to calm our busy minds, open our hearts and draw closer to God and give ourselves the gift of being present, I so encourage you to come to Silent Meadows to retreat, renew, and reawaken.
S. Butler, Durango, CO

Mary Ann and Terry have opened a beautiful, peaceful place (Silent Meadows) for those who are searching for personal reflection and prayer away from the busyness of everyday life.  I have attended several of Mary Ann’s Day Retreats over the past two years.  Mary Ann guides and challenges retreatants to explore their own “faith journey” that is meaningful and personal to each person.  The small group experience in her studio is very nourishing for the soul.  I also meet with Mary Ann on a regular basis for individual spiritual direction and am so thankful for her wisdom and guidance.  Silent Meadows will lift you up and give you hope!
S. Eppich, Mancos, CO

I believe that spending a day at Silent Meadows is a must for every busy person. The materials covered are informative and well prepared, the food is great, and the quiet time is priceless. As a busy person, I need that extended quiet reflection time and one on one with God. Silent Meadows has provided me with a beautiful and spirit-full place for that necessary component in my life. You owe it to yourself to be refreshed in the Spirit.
G. Morris, Durango, CO

I participated in the retreat, “True Self / False Self and Inner Healing.” I experienced a profound feeling of peace, healing and emotional cleansing of my soul along with an emptying of past hurts.
P. Lougee, Durango, CO

The personal touch during my Silent Meadows Retreat experience allowed me to customize what I needed for reflection and exploration. The setting and small group experience was excellent.
M. Patton-Mallory, Fort Collins, CO

Silent Meadows is a beautiful, peaceful retreat. Mary Ann shares her deep faith journey and spiritual wisdom in a personal and meaningful way. I have experienced an all day retreat as well as individual spiritual direction; both have been nourishing to my spirit and helped in my faith journey.
D. Rheault, Durango,CO

My retreat at Silent Meadows was filled with peace, spiritual introspection and contentment. I am very thankful that God brought me to this lovely retreat center.
R. Schick, Pagosa Springs, CO