About Us

ABOUT US! It is difficult to write about us especially when we realize that it is not about us but about God. My husband Terry, and I never thought we would be having retreats in our home but as we reflect on this mission we realize it is not our home but all we have is really the Lord’s. God’s work and our life journey reflect surrender to what each moment reveals.

It was never a plan in our hearts to provide spiritual day retreats but after retiring from teaching my husband and I wondered where our journey would lead us. Durango is a place of inspiration and peace in and of itself. But very often we get so busy in the doing of our lives that we forget about just being.

Mary Ann received a Masters Degree in Community Leadership and Spiritual Direction. She has directed many people in the last ten years, which is being a companion on the spiritual journey. The Holy Spirit is really the director but the sharing with another who journeyed this way before is helpful. Silent Meadowsemerged from the many experiences of the last 40 years attempting to follow the guidance of God through prayer and reflection.

Through us God has developed Silent Meadows, A Place of Prayer for the contemplative who wishes to spend quality time away from their busy lifestyle to seek God’s guidance and peace. We welcome all who wish to strengthen their spiritual path through informative, inspirational talks and silent reflective times. We look forward to meeting you with the hopes that you might choose to take time to nourish your soul leaving you with refreshment of mind and heart.