The gentle rain doth whisper beneath the stately pine.
In silence I must listen for what I know’s Divine!

All noises of life muffle, messages God will speak.
For all of life’s distractions divulge that I am weak.

Our God’s the “Hound of Heaven” who seeks with loving might.
But, only if we’re silent can we discern the Light.

The ways to listen vary if only we’re aware.
Our God is ever present; not only in our prayer.

We hear through other people God sends along our way.
Perhaps a walk in nature, frees us from dismay.

Or in the sound of music that is so heavenly;
Or in a disagreement so suddenly we see.

It’s not by the intellect that listening occurs.
Only with a silent heart we’ll hear God’s gentle stir.

So deep within the Spirit God’s loving touch will speak,
Guiding us to life untold; fulfilling all we seek.

Mary Ann Maslak

 Listening for the gentle voice of God takes time, prayer, and silence. God waits for us in longing and patience hoping we will open our hearts for the Spirit to speak showing His love and care for us as we are and where we are. God is full of gentleness, compassion, and love waiting for our coming; always ready to receive us, guiding our path. May God give you the peace and joy that only God can give filling you with God’s warmth and love.