A Place Of Prayer

Our sixteenth year of  Silent Meadows, A Place of Prayer is here! It is hard to believe time passes by so quickly! God’s generosity continues to bless this ministry with His love and mercy, challenging us always to grow and change according to His holy will.

It is only in taking time to come away to a quiet place can we seek the will of the Father just as Jesus did. Solitude and silence was an important part of Jesus’ journey on earth. If we are to follow in His footsteps as His disciples it is important for us, too. It’s the way we need to handle troubling emotions such as grief, demands of job, and preparing for important decisions. It says in Scripture, “apart from God we can do nothing.”

Silent Meadows, A Place of Prayer offers a number of retreats throughout the year that allow time for prayer away from the busyness and familiar. The silence gives the opportunity to sort out and seek the path God wants us to walk. Silent Meadows’ tranquil surroundings provide a place of peace to seek God within your heart. It is a time for a “purposeful pause,” a rest to let the Word of God’s whisper sink in. It is a time to give the Spirit room to speak in silent moments. You will find Silent Meadows a place to renew your spirit with grace and peace.

Scholarships are available for those who find the fee a hardship. Call for more info.

Silent Meadows Spiritual Bookstore & Gifts: We accept credit cards. People may shop for books at Silent Meadows on retreat or by calling: 970-759-2833

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